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LearnSmart is an unparalleled, intelligent learning system based on cognitive mapping that diagnoses your students' knowledge of a particular subject then creates an individualized learning path geared towards student success in your course. It offers individualized assessment by delivering appropriate learning material in the form of questions at the right time helping students attain mastery of the content.
Assigned by you, or used by students as a study tool, the results are recorded in the Reports are as LearnSmart Results. This allows you to measure student progress at all times and coach your students to success. As an added benefit, all content covered in LearnSmart is tied to learning objectives for your course and competencies set forth by accrediting bodies so you can use the results as evidence of subject mastery. LearnSmart also offers a personal study plan that allows the student to estimate the time it will take and number of questions required in order to learn the subject matter.


As a student works within the system, LearnSmart develops a personal learning path adapted to what the student has learned and retained. LearnSmart is also able to recommend additional study resources to help the student master topics.
In addition to being an innovative, outstanding study tool, LearnSmart has features for instructors. There is a Course Gauge where the instructor can see exactly what students have accomplished as well as a built-in assessment tool for graded assignments. Students and instructors will be able to access LearnSmart anywhere via a web browser. And for students on the go, it will also be available through any iPhone or iTouch.

  • Diagnose: Student practice captures and reveals learning progress.
  • Remediate: Personal learning paths automatically generate appropriate content based upon student knowledge level.
  • Flexibility: Students access LearnSmart anytime and from anywhere using browsers or mobile devices such as the iPhone or iTouch.
  • Success: LearnSmart improves student performance and retention.

Assign LearnSmart Study Modules

Clicking LearnSmart Study Module in the library menu will open LearnSmart for you to try as a student or assign as part of your section assignments.
Refer to the help provided within the LearnSmart interface for additional information on how to use LearnSmart and assign modules.

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