The American Democracy, 10th Edition (Patterson)

Chapter 10: The News Media: Communicating Political Images

Chapter Outline

  1. Historical Development: From the Nation's Founding to Today
    1. The Objective-Journalism Era
    2. The Rise of the "New" News
    3. The Organizational Edge: Economic Groups vs. Citizens' Groups
  2. The Politics of News
    1. The Signaling Function
      1. A Common Version of Reality
      2. Informing the Public, or Attracting an Audience?
    2. The Common-Carrier Function
    3. The Watchdog Function
    4. The Partisan Function
      1. Traditional Media: Mostly Neutral
      2. Talk Shows: Mostly Conservative
      3. The Internet: Mostly Liberal
  3. Attention to News
    1. The Shrinking Audience for News
    2. Age and Attention to News
  4. Media and Public in the Internet Age
Patterson Tenth Edition Large Cover
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