The American Democracy, 10th Edition (Patterson)

Chapter 12: The Presidency: Leading the Nation

Chapter Outline

  1. Foundations of the Modern Presidency
    1. The Changing Conception of the Presidency
    2. The Need for a Strong Presidency
  2. Choosing the President
    1. The Nominating Campaign: Primaries and Caucuses
    2. The National Party Conventions
    3. The General Election Campaign
      1. Election Strategy
      2. Media and Money
      3. The Winners
  3. Staffing the Presidency
    1. The Executive Office of the President (EOP)
    2. Cabinet and Agency Appointees
    3. The Problem of Control
  4. Factors in Presidential Leadership
    1. The Force of Circumstance
    2. The Stage of the President's Term
    3. The Nature of the Issue: Foreign or Domestic
    4. Relations with Congress
      1. Seeking Cooperation from Congress
      2. Benefiting from Partisan Support in Congress
      3. Colliding with Congress
    5. Public Support
      1. Events and Issues
      2. The Televised Presidency
      3. The Illusion of Presidential Government
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