The American Democracy, 10th Edition (Patterson)

Chapter 14: The Federal Judicial System: Applying the Law

Chapter Outline

  1. The Federal Judicial System
    1. The Supreme Court of the United States
      1. Selecting and Deciding Cases
      2. Issuing Decisions and Opinions
    2. Other Federal Courts
      1. U.S. District Courts
      2. U.S. Courts of Appeals
      3. Special U.S. Courts
    3. The State Courts
  2. Federal Court Appointees
    1. Supreme Court Nominees
    2. Lower-Court Nominees
    3. Personal Backgrounds of Judicial Appointees
  3. The Nature of Judicial Decision Making
    1. Legal Influences on Judicial Decisions
    2. Political Influences on Judicial Decisions
      1. Inside the Court: Judges' Political Beliefs
      2. Outside the Court: The Public, Groups, and Elected Officials
  4. Judicial Power and Democratic Government
    1. Originalism Theory vs. Living Constitution Theory
    2. Judicial Restraint vs. Judicial Activism
    3. What Is the Judiciary's Proper Role?
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