The American Democracy, 10th Edition (Patterson)

Chapter 15: Economic and Environmental Policy: Contributing to Prosperity

Chapter Outline

  1. Government as Regulator of the Economy
    1. Efficiency through Government Intervention
      1. Promoting Competition
      2. Making Business Pay for Indirect Costs
      3. Deregulation and Underregulation
    2. Equity through Government Intervention
    3. The Politics of Regulatory Policy
  2. Government as Protector of the Environment
    1. Conservationism: The Older Wave
    2. Environmentalism: The Newer Wave
      1. Environmental Protection
      2. Global Warming and Energy Policy
  3. Government as Promoter of Economic Interests
    1. Promoting Business
    2. Promoting Labor
    3. Promoting Agriculture
  4. Fiscal Policy as an Economic Tool
    1. Demand-Side Policy
    2. Supply-Side Policy
    3. Controlling Inflation
  5. Monetary Policy as an Economic Tool
    1. The Fed
    2. The Politics of the Fed
Patterson Tenth Edition Large Cover
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