The American Democracy, 10th Edition (Patterson)

Chapter 17: Foreign Policy: Protecting the American Way

Chapter Overview

The focus of this chapter is on U.S. foreign and defense policy. Included in it is an examination of the roots of these policies and the policymaking process. The author also discusses the economic dimension of national security policy, exploring both external and domestic challenges facing the United States as a world leader. The main points of the chapter are as follows:
  • Since World War II, the United States has acted in the role of world leader, which has substantially affected its military, diplomatic, and economic policies.

  • The United States maintains a high degree of defense preparedness, which requires a substantial level of defense spending and a worldwide deployment of U.S. conventional and strategic forces.

  • Changes in the international marketplace have led to increased economic interdependence among nations, which has had a marked influence on the U.S. economy and on America’s security planning.

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