The American Democracy, 10th Edition (Patterson)

Chapter 2: Constitutional Democracy: Promoting Liberty and Self Government

Chapter Outline

  1. Before the Constitution: The Colonial and Revolutionary Experiences
    1. The Declaration of Independence
    2. The Articles of Confederation
    3. A Nation Dissolving
  2. Negotiating Toward a Constitution
    1. The Great Compromise: A Two-Chamber Congress
    2. The Three-Fifths Compromise: Issues of Slavery and Trade
    3. A Strategy for Ratification
    4. The Ratification Debate
    5. The Framers' Goals
  3. Protecting Liberty: Limited Government
    1. Grants and Denials of Power
    2. Using Power to Offset Power
    3. Separated Institutions Sharing Power: Checks and Balances
      1. Shared Legislative Powers
      2. Shared Executive Powers
      3. Shared Judicial Powers
    4. The Bill of Rights
    5. Judicial Review
  4. Providing for Self-Government
    1. Democracy versus Republic
    2. Limited Popular Rule
    3. Altering the Constitution: More Power to the People
      1. Jeffersonian Democracy: A Revolution of the Spirit
      2. Jacksonian Democracy: Linking the People and the Presidency
      3. The Progressives: Senate and Primary Elections
  5. Constitutional Democracy Today
Patterson Tenth Edition Large Cover
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