The American Democracy, 10th Edition (Patterson)

Chapter 6: Public Opinion and Political Socialization: Shaping the People's Voice

Chapter Outline

  1. Political Socialization: The Origins of Americans' Opinions
    1. Primary Socializing Agents: Family, School, and Church
    2. Secondary Socializing Agents: Peers, Media, and Leaders
  2. Frames of Reference: How Americans Think Politically
    1. Party Identification
    2. Political Ideology
    3. Group Orientations
      1. Religion
      2. Economic Class
      3. Region
      4. Race and Ethnicity
      5. Gender
      6. Generations and Age
      7. Crosscutting Cleavages
  3. The Measurement of Public Opinion
    1. Public Opinion Polls
    2. Problems with Polls
  4. The Influence of Public Opinion on Policy
    1. Limits on the Public's Influence
    2. Public Opinion and the Boundaries of Action
    3. Leaders and Public Opinion
Patterson Tenth Edition Large Cover
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