The American Democracy, 10th Edition (Patterson)

Chapter 7: Political Participation: Activating the Popular Will


alienation  A feeling of personal powerlessness that includes the notion that government does not care about the opinions of people like oneself.
apathy  A feeling of personal disinterest in or unconcern with politics.
civic duty  The belief of an individual that civic and political participation is a responsibility of citizenship.
political participation  Involvement in activities intended to influence public policy and leadership, such as voting, joining political groups, writing to elected officials, demonstrating for political causes, and giving money to political candidates.
registration  The practice of placing citizens’ names on an official list of voters before they are eligible to exercise their right to vote.
social (political) movements  Active and sustained efforts to achieve social and political change by groups of people who feel that government has not been properly responsive to their concerns.
social capital  The sum of the face-to-face interactions among citizens in a society.
suffrage  The right to vote.
voter turnout  The proportion of persons of voting age who actually vote in a given election.
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