The American Democracy, 10th Edition (Patterson)

Chapter 8: Political Parties, Candidates, andCampaigns: Defining the Voter's Choice

Chapter Outline

  1. Party Competition and Majority Rule: The History of U.S. Parties
    1. The First Parties
    2. Andrew Jackson and Grassroots Parties
    3. Republicans versus Democrats: Realignments and the Enduring Party System
    4. Today's Party Alignment and Its Origins
    5. Parties and the Vote
  2. Electoral and Party Systems
    1. The Single-Member-District System of Election
    2. Politics and Coalitions in the Two-Party System
      1. Seeking the Center
      2. Party Coalitions
    3. Minor (Third) Parties
  3. Party Organizations
    1. The Weakening of Party Organizations
    2. The Structure and Role of Party Organizations
      1. Local Party Organizations
      2. State Party Organizations
      3. National Party Organizations
  4. The Candidate-Centered Campaign
    1. Campaign Funds: The Money Chase
    2. Organization and Strategy: Political Consultants
    3. Voter Contacts: Pitched Battle
      1. Air Wars
      2. Ground Wars
      3. Web Wars
      4. In Retrospect: The Consequences of the Last War
  5. Parties, Candidates, and the Public's Influence
Patterson Tenth Edition Large Cover
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