The American Democracy, 10th Edition (Patterson)

Chapter 9: Interest Groups: Organizing for Influence

Chapter Outline

  1. The Interest-Group System
    1. Economic Groups
    2. Citizens' Groups
    3. The Organizational Edge: Economic Groups vs. Citizens' Groups
      1. Unequal Access to Resources
      2. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Size
  2. Inside Lobbying: Seeking Influence through Official Contacts
    1. Acquiring Access to Officials
      1. Lobbying Congress
      2. Lobbying Executive Agencies
      3. Lobbying the Courts
    2. Webs of Influence: Groups in the Policy Process
      1. Iron Triangles
      2. Issue Networks
  3. Outside Lobbying: Seeking Influence through Public Pressure
    1. Constituency Advocacy: Grassroots Lobbying
    2. Electoral Action: Votes and PAC Money
  4. The Group System: Indispensable but Biased
    1. The Contribution of Groups to Self-Government: Pluralism
    2. Flaws in Pluralism: Interest-Group Liberalism and Economic Bias
    3. A Madisonian Dilemma
Patterson Tenth Edition Large Cover
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