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Visual Statistics
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Visual Statistics is an interactive multimedia tool designed to teach statistical concepts in a graphical and user-friendly environment. The software consists of 21 topics that are typically covered in an Introductory Statistics or Business Statistics course, and can be found in other courses such as Regression, Quality Control and Forecasting. The software can be used alone or with a textbook. This unique tool fosters "interactive learning" through competency-building exercises, individual and team experiments, relevant examples and built-in databases.

Click the link below to download the Visual Statistics files. The files will be contained within a .zip file which will require you to have a utility that is capable of extracting files from within a .zip archive. Recommended utilities are WinZip and IZArc.

After you have downloaded and extracted the files from the .zip file, please make sure you read the ReadMe.txt file that accompanies the Visual Statistics program. It contains information on how to install the Visual Statistics program.

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