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Metrology & Measurement

Anand K Bewoor
Vinay A Kulkarni

ISBN: 0070140006
Copyright year: 2012

The objective of this text on Metrology is to provide an integrated presentation of dimensional and mechanical measurement. The authors have consistently crafted a text such that it gives the reader a methodical and well thought-out presentation that covers fundamental issues common to almost all areas of dimensional and mechanical measurement. Information on particular instruments and concepts has been combined to improve the logical flow of the text. The coverage is such that the book will be useful for undergraduate, post-graduate, polytechnic, ITI students and other graduation-level examinations (like AMIE), competitive examinations and entrance examinations like GATE.

Concise presentation, flexible approach readily tailored to individual instructional needs and the carefully structure topics of the book allow the faculty a wide scope in choosing the coverage plan for students and will prove to be a good resource material for teachers. It would also be equally helpful to professionals and practicing engineers in the field of design, manufacturing and measurement.

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