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Computer architecture and organization, Second Edition, 2/e

Nicholas P Carter
Adapted by : Raj Kamal

ISBN: 0070141797
Copyright year: 2010

One of the most interesting aspects of computer architecture is the rate at which the field changes. Innovation occurs on an almost-daily basis, offering opportunities for individuals to contribute to the field. However, this rate of progress is one of the greatest challenges to teaching computer architecture and organization. Unlike many other fields, courses in computer architecture and organization must change on a term-by-term basis to incorporate new developments in the field without overloading students with material. Writing textbooks for the field is similarly difficult, as the author must find abalance between cutting-edge material and historical perspective.

Since the publication of the original work of Nicholas Carter, this Schaum’s Outlines has become an indispensable study guide for students of computer architecture for the following reasons:

✓ It covers the core concepts of hardware and software design for computer systems.

✓ It explains using a step-by-step approach the real world design choices for a computer system, and hardware interfaces with software.

✓ It emphasizes in detail how to make efficient use of system resources.

✓ It enables students to master fundamentals of computer architecture.

✓ Tutorial based treatment—important concepts are explained through solved examples and problems— helps students hone their problem-solving skills.

This book will be particularly well-suited for students of undergraduate BE Computer Science and Engineering, B.Tech in Information Technology, and MCA. It will also prove to be a valuable reference for the students of B.Tech ECE, BCA, DOEACC ‘A’ Level, and B.Sc/M.Sc (Computer Science/IT) and for preparation of All India GATE competitive examinations.

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