Managing Diversity
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Managing Diversity: in Australia

Glenda Strachan, Griffith University
Erica French, Queensland University of Technology
John Burgess, The University of Newcastle

ISBN: 0070146276
Copyright year: 2010

Table of contents

Chapter 1 The origins and development of managing diversity
Glenda Strachan, Erica French, John Burgess
Chapter 2 Workforce diversity in Australia
John Burgess, Erica French, Glenda Strachan
Chapter 3Approaches to equity and diversity: Conflicting beliefs and competing ideals
Erica French, Glenda Strachan, John Burgess
Chapter 4Equity and diversity within organisations: Putting policy into practice
Glenda Strachan, Erica French, John Burgess
Chapter 5Auditing and mapping equity and diversity: When counting is not enough
Erica French, Lyn Simpson
Chapter 6Work and family policies and practices: Balance, collision or compromise?
Glenda Strachan, John Burgess, Lindy Henderson
Chapter 7Women in male-dominated industries: Organisations do it differently
John Burgess, Lindy Henderson, Glenda Strachan
Chapter 8Trade unions and social justice
Marjorie Jerrard, Lisa Heap
Chapter 9Employing Indigenous Australians: Strategies for success
Sharlene Dyer
Chapter 10Women in management: Limited progress and uncertain prospects
Erica French, Alison Sheridan
Chapter 11Managing cultural diversity: Problems and prospects for ethnicity and gender at work
Lucy Taksa, Dimitria Groutsis
Chapter 12Ethnicity, power and culture at work: Reaffi rming ‘whiteness’ in the workplace
Loong Wong
Chapter 13The diversity and complexity of disability: Emphasising ability not disability
Theresa Smith-Ruig
Chapter 14Sexual and gender identity at work
M P Ann Stewart, Kristopher Coonan
Chapter 15Managing young workers: The privileged generation?
Robin Price, Janis Bailey, Damian Oliver
Chapter 16Managing the ageing workforce: ‘Getting on’
John Hicks, P K Basu, Richard B Sappey
Chapter 17The future of managing diversity in Australia
John Burgess, Glenda Strachan, Erica French
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