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Chapter 12 quiz
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Which of the following does not contribute to the likelihood of sunscreen use according to the Health Belief Model?
A)Perceived susceptibility to skin cancer
B)Perceived likelihood of dying of skin cancer
C)Advertising campaigns promoting sunscreen use
D)Intention to use sunscreen
According to the Theory of Planned Behaviour, which of the following is least relevant to influencing an individual to eat a low-fat diet?
A)Advertising campaigns about the importance of eating a low-fat diet
B)The individual's belief in their ability to eat a low-fat diet
C)The individual's friends and family avoiding high-fat foods
D)The individual believing a low-fat diet will be beneficial for their health
Muriel has been told by her doctor that she is overweight and needs to lose weight to reduce her risk of developing type II diabetes. Muriel does not believe she has a problem with her weight. The most effective strategy to assist Muriel at this point in time would be to:
A)provide information about the health benefits of losing weight.
B)discuss what Muriel perceives to be barriers to losing weight.
C)provide information about the dangers of type II diabetes.
D)help Muriel set a weight-loss goal.
The major problem with the external events approach to assessing stress is that:
A)some kinds of events have a greater impact than others.
B)there are problems with retrospective reporting of life events.
C)people's reporting of events may be affected by social desirability.
D)events will have different impacts on different people.
The three phases of the general adaptation syndrome are:
A)stress, exhaustion and burnout.
B)activation, homeostasis and burnout.
C)alarm, resistance and exhaustion.
D)fight-or-flight, over-arousal and break-down.
Which of the following is the best description of the relationship between stress and health?
A)Stress can affect health directly through biological mechanisms as well as indirectly through behaviours.
B)Stress can affect health via impacting immune system functioning.
C)Stress causes heart disease through raising blood pressure.
D)Stress is more important than demographic factors in predicting health outcomes.
According to Lazarus and Folkman, primary appraisal refers to:
A)whether the individual has sufficient coping resources to cope with the threat.
B)whether the event is a threat to the individual.
C)the interaction between the event and coping resources.
D)whether the event is stressful or not.
Which of the following is not consistent with the concept of patient-centred care?
A)The patient gives informed consent to the treatment.
B)The patient is understood as a whole person.
C)The patient contributes to decision-making about their treatment.
D)The focus is on treatment rather than prevention.
Maya has advanced breast cancer. Which of the following is most likely to enhance Maya's health-related quality of life?
A)Seeking more information about her illness
B)Attempting to keep up her previous activities and interests
C)Re-evaluating her values and expectations
D)Accepting her mortality
Emotion-focused coping:
A)can consist of behavioural or cognitive strategies.
B)involves trying to change a stressful situation.
C)involves using positive affect to cope with a stressful situation.
D)is usually less effective than problem-focused coping.

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