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Langan: Reading and Study Skills
Reading and Study Skills, 7/e
John Langan

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PART 1: Motivational Skills 1: Your Attitude: The Heart of the Matter
PART 1: Motivational Skills 2: Setting Goals for Yourself
PART 1: Motivational Skills 3: Learning Survival Strategies
PART 2: Study Skills 1: Taking Classroom Notes
PART 2: Study Skills 2: Time Control and Concentration
PART 2: Study Skills 3: Textbook Study I: The PRWR Study Method
PART 2: Study Skills 4: Textbook Study II: Using PRWR
PART 2: Study Skills 5: Textbook Study III: Applying PRWR to a Textbook Chapter
PART 2: Study Skills 6: Building a Powerful Memory
PART 2: Study Skills 7: Taking Objective Exams
PART 2: Study Skills 8: Taking Essay Exams
PART 2: Study Skills 9: Using the Library and the Internet
PART 2: Study Skills 10: Writing a Research Paper
PART 3: Important Word Skills 1: Understanding Word Parts
PART 3: Important Word Skills 2: Using the Dictionary
PART 3: Important Word Skills 3: Word Pronunciation
PART 3: Important Word Skills 4: Spelling Improvement
PART 3: Important Word Skills 5: Vocabulary Development
PART 4: Reading Comprehension 1: Skill One - Recognizing Definitions and Examples
PART 4: Reading Comprehension 2: Recognizing Enumerations
PART 4: Reading Comprehension 3: Recognizing Headings and Subheadings
PART 4: Reading Comprehension 4: Skill Four: Recognizing Signal Words
PART 4: Reading Comprehension 5: Skill Five: Recognizing Main Ideas in Paragraphs and Short Selections
PART 4: Reading Comprehension 6: Skill Six: Knowing How to Outline
PART 4: Reading Comprehension 7: Skill Seven: Knowing How to Summarize
PART 4: Reading Comprehension 8: Skill Eight: Understanding Graphs and Tables
PART 5: Skim Reading: Skim Reading and Comprehension
PART 6: Rapid Reading 1: Rapid Reading and Comprehension Skills
PART 6: Rapid Reading Quizzes: Multiple Choice Quizzes Related To The Readings
PART 7: Mastery Tests 1: Mastery Tests
PART 7: Mastery Tests 2: More Mastery Tests
PART 8: Add'l Learning Skills 1: Studying Mathematics and Science
PART 8: Add'l Learning Skills 2: Reading Literature and Making Inferences
PART 8: Add'l Learning Skills 3: Reading for Pleasure
PART 8: Add'l Learning Skills 4: Writing Effectively