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Multiple Choice Quizzes Related To The Readings

The Scholarship Jacket


Which sentence best expresses the main idea of this selection?
A)When she went to pick up her gym clothes, Marta overheard a conversation between two teachers that shocked and saddened her.
B)At Marta's school, the eighth-grade valedictorian was traditionally awarded a beautiful green and gold jacket.
C)Although Marta had earned the scholarship jacket, she almost lost it to a less deserving student.
D)Marta's older sister had won the scholarship jacket, and Marta deeply wanted to win it as well.

Which of the following statements is false?
A)Marta was being raised by her grandparents because her parents were dead.
B)Mr. Schmidt was angry at the attempt to give the scholarship jacket to someone less deserving than Marta.
C)Marta's grandfather refused to give her the money for the scholarship jacket.
D)Joann's grades were not nearly as good as Marta's.

Marta's grandparents supported themselves by
A)running the only store in town.
B)teaching high school.
C)working on their own farm.
D)working as hired labor on other people's farms.

Marta could not look the principal in the face after he called her into his office.

After her second conversation with the principal, Marta felt

The author implies that Mr. Boone
A)had a strong personal dislike for Marta.
B)knew Marta was not really as intelligent as other people thought.
C)felt that while Joann's grades were not as good as Marta's, Joann had more leadership ability.
D)was more concerned about pleasing Joann's father than being fair to Marta.

By saying, "'s not a scholarship jacket, is it?" Marta's grandfather was implying that
A)the jacket was not worth fifteen dollars.
B)a real award should not have to be bought with money.
C)Marta did not deserve to win the scholarship jacket.
D)he did not understand what a scholarship jacket was.