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Understanding Economics: A Contemporary Perspective, 6/e

Mark Lovewell, Ryerson University

ISBN: 0070385602
Copyright year: 2012

Feature Summary

  • Skills Resource: focuses on the basics of critical thinking, the use of economic language and visual materials, research, and ways of presenting findings. Skills Resource can be found on the OLC.
  • Learning Objectives: chapter opening learning objectives introduce the main ideas that students are about to learn. These learning objectives are reinforced throughout each chapter with an icon that is found in the margins and that are adjacent to where theses main ideas are discussed.
  • Thinking About Economics: designed to encourage student thought and discussion, and to apply the theory they are learning, each chapter features a number of "Thinking about Economics" boxes. Answers to these questions in this feature are provided on the OLC.
  • Margin definitions: define key terms highlighted in the text.
  • In the body of each chapter, issues relating to the use of Economics as a second language are highlighted.
  • Brief Review: provides a brief summary of each section.
  • Practice Questions are at the end of each Brief Review and answers are provided on the OLC.
End of Chapter Features:
  • Last Word: is a summarizing section appears at the end of each chapter.
  • Key Concepts: The list of key terms found at the end of the chapter can be used by students as a study aid to test their comprehension and retention.
  • Questions: are tied to the theoretical material in the book.
  • Internet Application Questions: provide practice in using economics-related resources on the Internet.
  • Advancing Economic Thought: details the ideas of an influential thinker of the past or the present and allows students to judge their contemporary relevance.
  • Sideline articles: both in the book and on the OLC deal with a wide range of economic issues.
Understanding Economics: A Contemporary Perspective

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