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FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: Text, Problems and Cases, 4/e

M Y Khan, Professor of Finance, University of Delhi
P K Jain, Professor of Finance,Indian IIT, Delhi

ISBN: 0070583404
Copyright year: 2004

New and Key Features

19 New Chapters:

Chapter 3: Risk and Return

Chapter 4: Valuation of Bonds and Shares

Chapter 5: Option valuation

Chapter 8: Volume-Cost-Profit Analysis

Chapter 9: Budgeting and Profit Planning

Chapter 11: Capital Budgeting II - Additional Aspects

Chapter 17: Capital Markets

Chapter 18: Equity/Ordinary Shares

Chapter 19: Term Loan, Debentures/Bonds and Securitisation

Chapter 20: Hybrid Financing/Instruments

Chapter 21: Leasing and Hire Purchase

Chapter 22: Venture Capital Financing

Chapter 23: Derivatives: Managing Financial Risk

Chapter 32: Business Valuation

Chapter 34: Foreign Exchange Markets

Chapter 35: Foreign Exchange Exposure and Risk Management

Chapter 36: International Financial Management

Chapter 37: Financial Management in Public Sector Undertakings

Chapter 38: Corporate Governance

Running Glossary: Shaded sidebars in the margins of the chapters. Throughout the text, the sidebars define the key terms in the text margin when they are first introduced.

Corporate Practices and Procedures The new edition provides strong ties between theory and practice of financial management. The inclusion of Indian corporate practices, procedures and compliances are extensively discussed to give the readers a firm grasp of the operational aspects of the abstract theories and concepts presented.

Cases 15 comprehensive/integrated cases covering major issues in financial analysis, valuation, financing and so on have been included in this edition.

Analytical Approach and Decisional Focus Consistent with aim of the book, a careful and thorough presentation of the financial consequences of management decision is the underlying theme. The orientation is "managerial", with emphasis on identification and solution of financial problems confronting business enterprises.

Numerous Illustrations/Solved Problems and Review Questions A comprehensive set of real-life problems, including some from professional examination such as CA, ICWA and ICAI, at the end of each chapter are intended to serve as a review guide to test the readers’ understanding of the subject. Numerous end-of-chapter review questions are included together with answers to help preparing detailed solutions. A large number of new problems and exercises have been added in the fourth edition.

Procedural Orientation, Practice Discussion and Cases To enable the readers to understand the real world of finance, contemporary industry practices as also procedural aspects have been included at relevant places in reasonable detail. Fifteen integrated cases have also been included for the same purpose.

Financial Tables and Bibliography A complete set of financial tables is included as a ready reckenor. A select bibliography would be of special interest to teachers/advance students of the subject.


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