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MICROCONTROLLERS: Theory and Applications

AJAY V DESHMUKH, Asst Prof. & Head, Instrumentation Engg,VIT, PUNE

ISBN: 0070585954
Copyright year: 2005

Today, Microcontrollers have become an integral part of all automatic and semi-automatic machines. Remote controllers, hand-held communication devices, dedicated controllers that use microcontrollers, have certainly improved the functional, operational and performance-based specifications. The architectural changes in instrumentation and control systems were and are due to the computing and communication capability of the microcontroller devices.

This book discusses in detail the basic Microcontrollers, their architecture and peripheral support. Numerous exercises have been provided for the readers to undertake hands-on training with microcontrollers. The wide expanse of microcontrollers has been suitably compartment-alised into various chapters sequentially. The readers are taken gradually from the basic processors to the advanced microcontroller chips.

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'It is a well organised book starting with the basics of microcontrollers leading to their application details.'

Prof. S. Gurunarayanan, Group Leader, Electronics and Instrumentation, BITS Pilani.

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