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Introduction to Computers,6e,(Indian Adapted Edition)

Peter Norton

ISBN: 0070593744
Copyright year: 2005

The computer is an amazing machine. Few tools can help us perform so many different tasks as the computer can. From aiding us to write simple letters to computing complex programs, the computer is an indispensable machine. In fact the computer has taken on an important role in nearly every aspect of our lives.

A trusted name in Information Technology, Peter Norton has been synonymous with computers for nearly two decades. The unparalleled success of the trilogy that is built up of Computing Fundamentals, Essential Concepts and Introduction to Computers has led to the 6th edition of this book. It has brought together what can only be described as some of the leading educating resources for faculty and students alike.

The content-organization of the book, Norton: Introduction to Computers, 6e, reflects the wide use of computers today. It covers virtually all the topics that are required for a sound knowledge of computer systems and their applications.

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