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UNIX:Concepts and Applications,4E

Sumitabha Das

ISBN: 0070611084
Copyright year: 2006

UNIX is an operating system originally developed in the 1960s and 1970s by a group of AT&T Bell Labs employees including Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie. UNIX was designed to be portable, multi-tasking and multi-user in a time-sharing configuration.

With the client-server framework splitting the computing environment into two (often, three) distinct parts, UNIX today is firmly entrenched as the operating system of choice for the server community—the backend where all the action is. Enterprise databases run on UNIX, and Oracle runs with full vigor on UNIX systems. Moreover, Internet Service Providers (ISP) use UNIX machines and UNIX remains the preferred platform for Web servers and electronic commerce. Think big and you’ll have to think of UNIX.

UNIX Concepts and Applications, 4th Edition was written bearing in mind that although this book deals with a specific operating system, it should help the user understand operating systems in general. The content-organization of the book is such that it addresses two levels of users. The first part of the book caters to the beginners while the second part caters to the advanced UNIX users.

The Student’s Center contains Soft files of examples, Projects for implementation, Supplementary Reading Material on - DNS Concepts, TCP/IP-R Utilities, Disk Block Addressing and CGI WITH perl from the book. This will give you the flavor of the published book.

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