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B V Ramana

ISBN: 007063419x
Copyright year: 2006

Mathematics is truly the mother of all languages. It is also the bridge between the sophomore level and the various engineering courses This book on Higher Engineering Mathematics by Dr. B V Ramana offers the entire range of topics studied by the engineering student during the course. Wide variety of solved examples and a large number of practice problems make this book an exceptional offering for the students as well as the teachers.

The key features of this book are highlighted below:

  • Clear explanation, detailed derivations clubbed with plenty of solved examples of graded levels of complexity.

  • Engineering Applications of Integral Calculus, Ordinary Differential Equations of First and Higher Order, & Partial Differential Equations illustrate the use of these methods.

  • Chapters on preliminary topics like - Analytical Solid Geometry; Matrices and Determinants; Sequence and Series Complex Numbers; Vector Algebra; Differential and Integral Calculus.

  • Extensive coverage of “Probability and Statistics” (5 chapters).

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