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Modern Digital Electronics, Fourth Edition


ISBN: 0070669112
Copyright year: 2009

Salient Features

The revised edition of Modern Digital Electronics focuses on rigorous coverage of design and analysis of complex digital circuits and systems through enhanced elucidation of Sequential Logic Design, PLDs, Memories and VHDL implementation codes. Begins with the fundamental concepts of digital electronics, it covers digital design using VHDL supported by plethora of examples.

Salient Features:

New topical coverage on

 Static and dynamic hazards in digital circuits

 Cool Runner-II

 Low-voltage CMOS, and BiCMOS logic families

Expanded coverage on

 CMOS logic.

 SPLDs, CPLDs, and FPGAs.

 Edge-triggered Flip-Flops

 Semiconductor Memories--ROM ICs, Asynchronous and Synchronous SRAM and DRAM devices, Serial and Parallel Flash Memories and FIFO memories.

 Error Detecting and Correcting Codes

Separate chapter on fundamentals and applications of microprocessors

Rich pedagogy includes :

 201 Solved examples

 284 Review questions

 307 Problems

Small Cover

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