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Multimedia Technologies

A Banerji
A M Ghosh

ISBN: 0070669236
Copyright year: 2010

The book is written with two main objectives in mind to present a comprehensive foundation knowledge resource about multimedia technologies in one single volume and a suitable model to teach this subject with particular emphasis on field practice and active experimentation. We hope that the book will provide the necessary foundation concepts that will trigger the reader’s curiosity to explore further.

The subject of multimedia is included in various undergraduate and professional courses. Thus the book is written with particular emphasis on catering to the special needs of the BTech (CS and IT), BCA, BSC (CS and IT) and MCA course syllabi. Sufficient foundation and practical orientation is provided so that students can gain a strong fundamental knowledge. In addition, information technologists, computer scientists, digital media professionals and others interested in multimedia will find the book to be stimulating and a good reference source.

The field of Multimedia technology is the culmination of a number of technologies and disciplines. It covers almost all the areas of computer science (both hardware and software) and communications. Further, multimedia technology is characterised by fast developments in communication, Internet, hardware technologies and tools. In addition, the disciplines of management, psychology, art and creativity are also involved. Hence, the multi-disciplinary nature of the subject makes it a tough topic to teach. It is equally tough for the students to master all these technologies and concepts. The subject’s depth and breadth are therefore the two fundamental problems in teaching and learning multimedia technology.

In order to tackle the dilemma of depth and breadth of coverage, the book attempted to present the kernel concepts defining the foundation of the subject. It covers the much-needed theoretical foundation along with enough practical guidance for the reader to develop applications. A number of solved exercises have been provided so that the learners can easily test and experiment with the ideas presented, such as compression techniques.

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