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Key Quiz 1.2
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Julia is standing in her treehouse, 12.5 ft above the ground. She sees a squirrel at an angle of depression of 29°. To the nearest foot, how far away is Julia away the squirrel?
A)6 ft
B)14 ft
C)23 ft
D)26 ft
Eric and Nerissa are standing on opposite sides of a billboard as shown:
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How far away (to the nearest metre) is Nerissa from the billboard?
A)86 m
B)71 m
C)33 m
D)28 m
A safety ladder is 15 m long. The instructions that come with the ladder say that the maximum angle it can safely make with the ground is 65°. What is the maximum height (to the nearest tenth of a metre) the ladder can reach safely?
A)32.2 m
B)15 m
C)13.6 m
D)6.3 m
A statue casts a shadow 11 ft long when the sun’s rays make an angle of 42° with the ground. How tall is the statue to the nearest hundredth of a metre?
A)7.36 ft
B)8.17 ft
C)9.90 ft
D)10.5 ft
Two apartment buildings are 75 m apart. From the top of the shorter building you find the angle of elevation to the taller building is 40° and the angle of depression to the bottom is 31°. What is the height of the taller building, to the nearest metre?
A)108 m
B)63 m
C)48 m
D)45 m

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