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Activity 3.5: Personal Need for Structure Scale
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Activity 3.5: Personal Need for Structure Scale

The source of this scale is: M. M. Thompson, M. E. Naccarato, and K. E. Parker, "Assessing Cognitive Need: The Development of the Personal Need for Structure and the Personal fear of Invalidity Scales," Paper presented at the Annual meeting of the Canadian Psychological Association, Halifax, Nova Scotia (1989).

Some people need to "make sense" of things around them more quickly or completely than do other people. This personal need for perceptual structure relates to selective attention as well as perceptual organization and interpretation. This self-assessment is designed to help you to estimate your personal need for perceptual structure.
      Read each statement in this instrument and select the response that best indicates the degree to which you personally agree or disagree with that statement. This instrument has 12 statements.

It upsets me to go into a situation without knowing what I can expect from it.
I'm not bothered by things that interrupt my daily routine.
I enjoy being spontaneous.
I find that a well-ordered life with regular hours makes my life tedious.
I find that a consistent routine enables me to enjoy life more.
I enjoy having a clear and structured mode of life.
I like to have a place for everything and everything in its place.
I don't like situations that are uncertain.
I hate to change my plans at the last minute.
I hate to be with people who are unpredictable.
I enjoy the exhilaration of being in unpredictable situations.
I become uncomfortable when the rules in a situation are not clear.

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