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Business Communication: Building Critical Skills
Kitty O. Locker, Ohio State University
Steven Kyo Kaczmarek, Columbus State Community College
Kathryn Braun, Sheridan College

Resume and Letter Templates

Included here are templates taken from resume and letter examples in the text. These are Word documents in which you can manipulate your own data. This gives you the opportunity to practice writing in particular formats, or a foundation on which to base your own resume or letter.

Simply click on the template that you would like to view and use. You will notice highlighted (yellow) sections of each template. If you hold your cursor over these areas, you will see a suggestion or comment for this particular section of the template.

We hope these will help you as you develop your written communication and job hunting skills. Take a look at the figures in the text as you work with these templates – that way you can see what the final version will resemble.

A Chronologial ResumeA Chronological Resume
AMS Simplified Format on LetterheadAMS Simplified Format on Letterhead
A Prospecting LetterA Prospecting Letter
A Skills Resume (good for someone changing fields)A Skills Resume (good for someone changing fields)
A Skills Resume (continued)A Skills Resume (continued)
A Skills Resume (for someone entering the job market)A Skills Resume (for someone entering the job market)
A Solicted LetterA Solicted Letter
Block Format on Letterhead (mixed punctuation)Block Format on Letterhead (mixed punctuation)
Letter Requesting an Information InterviewLetter Requesting an Information Interview
Memo Format on LetterheadMemo Format on Letterhead
Memo Format on Plain PaperMemo Format on Plain Paper

*Macintosh users will need to download and decompress files before viewing.