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Teaching Strategies Online
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Center for research on Learning and Teaching
A broad range of teaching techniques and strategies – very good reference site that leads to resources on almost any teaching strategy you can think of.
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ERIC – Teaching Strategies
Go to the EIC website and type in “teaching strategies” for a solid list of articles in this area.
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Especially for Teachers - Teaching Strategies
A series of detailed strategies for teaching English.
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Inclusion Teaching Strategies
Information on using inclusion teaching strategies in the classroom.
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LDO Online –Teaching Strategies
A series of articles and strategies for teaching typical and special needs students.
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McGraw Hill – Teaching Methods resources
A comprehensive set of resources in teaching methods.
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Middle Web’s Teaching Strategies Resources
A great list of annotated links to a wide variety of teaching strategies
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Online Teaching Strategies
A list of teaching strategies that could be used in an online environment.
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Ontario Curriculum – Teaching Strategies Documents
An extensive list and description of teaching strategies that can be used across the curriculum.
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Teaching Strategies - Examples
Clear examples of strategies that can be used for teaching.
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Teaching Strategies Web site
An extensive set of resources for teaching younger students.
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Virtual teaching Strategies
A manageable list of teaching strategies with instructions.
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