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Matching Quiz
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Match the terms listed below, with the appropriate desciption from the list on the right.

Cash equivalent


Cash flow statement


Direct method


Financing activities


Indirect method


Investing activities


Operating activities

A)The acquisition and disposal of long-term assets and other investments that are not classified as cash equivalents.
B)A financial statement that reports the cash inflows and outflows for an accounting period, and that classifies those cash flows as operating activities, investing activities, and financing activities.
C)Transactions with a company's owners and creditors that include getting cash from issuing debt and repaying the amounts borrowed, and getting cash from or distributing cash to owners and giving owners a return on investments.
D)The principal revenue-producing activities that are not investing or financing activities. Operating activities involve the production or purchase of merchandise and the sale of goods and services to customers, including expenditures related to administering the business.
E)A calculation of the net cash inflows (outflows) from operating activities that lists the major classes of operating cash receipts, such as receipts from customers, and subtracts the major classes of operating cash disbursements, such as cash paid for merchandise. This method is encouraged by the CICA.
F)A calculation that starts with net income or loss and then adjusts this figure by adding and subtracting items that are necessary to yield net cash inflows or outflows from operating activities.
G)An investment that must be readily convertible to a known amount of cash, and sufficiently close to its maturity date so its market value is not significantly affected by interest rate changes.

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