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Student Edition
BC Science 7

Adrienne Mason, Professional Writer/Educator
Karen Charleson, Professional Writer/Educator
Eric Grace, Professional Writer/Educator
Jacqueline Martin, Simon Fraser Junior High School

ISBN: 0070947864
Copyright year: 2004

BC Science 7 has been Provincially Recommended by the BC Ministry of Education.

BC Science 7 was developed by British Columbia teachers specifically for the new Grade 7 Science curriculum. BC Science 7 provides age appropriate content that stresses science process skill development; an array of motivating, hands-on activities; engaging visuals; integrated technology; and teacher support that’s second to none.

  • 100% curriculum match to the Prescribed Learning Outcomes presented in the new British Columbia curriculum for Grade 7 Science
  • British Columbia content: the student text features photographs, examples, role models, and careers specific to British Columbia (Aboriginal content is integrated as well)
  • BC Science 7 provides age-appropriate content that stresses science skills development; an array of motivating hands-on activities; engaging visuals; and integrated technology
  • Literacy, Reading, and Assessment Consultants have ensured appropriate reading level and assessment opportunities
  • BC Science 7 has been thoroughly reviewed by British Columbia educators. A safety reviewer has carefully examined all activities and investigations for adherence to school safety codes. Thorough reviews by British Columbia-based pedagogy and content experts ensure use of current instructional strategies and accurate, up-to-date content.
  • A complete teacher’s support package will provide teachers with planning ideas, assessment strategies, advice on how to handle misconceptions, science background for the non-specialist teachers and much more.

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BC Science 7 Large Cover

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