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Student Edition
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Classroom Assessment: Concepts and Applications

Peter W. Airasian, Boston College
Joseph F. Engemann, Brock University
Tiffany L. Gallagher, Brock University

ISBN: 0070959668
Copyright year: 2007


Instructor Resources:

Instructor’s Online Learning Centre – The Online Learning Centre includes a password-protected Web site for Instructors. The site offers a downloadable Instructor’s Manual, Microsoft Power Point® slides and access to PageOut, the McGraw-Hill Ryerson Web site development Centre.

Instructor’s CD-ROM – contains the Instructor’s Manual, Computerized Assessment Bank, and Microsoft® Power Point® Presentation.
Instructor’s Manual - The Instructor’s Manual contains such useful resources as chapter overviews, learning objectives, lecture reviews, key terms, key concepts, instructional strategies, and topics for class discussion.
Computerized Assessment Bank – Available in Windows format, this software provides you with the Assessment Bank in electronic form. The keyword search option lets you browse through the question bank for problems containing a specific word or phrase. Password protection is available for saved tests or for the entire database. Questions can be added, modified, or deleted.
Microsoft®PowerPoint® Presentation – This presentation system offers visual presentations that may be edited and manipulated to fit a particular course format.
Student Resources:

Student Online Learning Centre – This powerful electronic learning aid includes quizzes, Internet activities, Web links, interactive exercises, case studies, bonus material, and much more.

Instructors: To experience this product firsthand, contact your McGraw-Hill Education Learning Technology Specialist.