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  1. How does ethnocentrism contribute to preservation of group identity? In what ways might an ethnic group sustain and support new immigrants?

  2. How are the concepts of ethnicity and culture related?

  3. How may segregation be measured? Does ethnic segregation exist in the cities of world areas outside of North America? If so, does it take different form than in North American cities?

  4. What forces external to ethnic groups help to create and perpetuate im-migrant neighbourhoods? What functions beneficial to immigrant groups do ethnic communities provide?

  5. Why might one consider language the dominant differentiating element of culture separating societies?

  6. Cite examples that indicate the significance of religion as a cultural dominant in the internal and foreign relations of nations.

  7. How does the classification of religions as universalizing, ethnic, or tribal help us to understand their patterns of distribution and spatial diffusion?

  8. The issue of ‘language’ rights and practices, specifically English and French, has been with Canadians since confederation, but more recently we have seen issues of religion and ethnicity come to the fore: why might this be the case? Think of a contemporary religious or ethnic issue you may have seen in the news to illustrate an example.

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