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The Fruit Game
The Fruit Game is an interactive Nim-type game. Several kinds of fruit are placed on the "table". You may go first, or tell the computer to go first. You, or the computer, "eat" as many of one kind of fruit as you like per turn. The object is to beat the computer by removing the last piece of fruit from the table.
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The Nim Game
There are many versions of the Nim game. This is another one.
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Tower of Hanoi
The Tower of Hanoi puzzle was invented in 1883 by the French mathematician Edouard Lucas. A (variable) number of rings are placed in a "tower", largest to smallest. The object is to move the rings, one at a time, onto two additional towers, until all of the rings are on the last tower. It is not permitted to have a larger ring on top of a smaller one.
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Hammurabi is a game based on the Babylonian King Hammurabi, who is credited with the first code of law. You are placed in charge of the kingdom for ten years and must make economic decisions each year of your reign. The computer calculates the results of your decisions, along with some random factors that you cannot control. The objective is to finish your reign with your kingdom in better shape than when you started.
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Awari is an ancient game based on mathematical principles. It was popular among poorer people because it can be played using stones and holes in the ground. You play against the computer, and have the option of moving first, or second. The object is to capture the greatest number of stones.
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Lunar Lander
Lunar Lander tests your ability to monitor rates of change while you bring a spacecraft to a safe landing before your fuel runs out. You can land on Earth, the moon, Mars, or Neptune to investigate the effects of different gravitational fields
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Pentominoes are made up of five squares in different combinations to form a variety of shapes. The object of the game is to tile a section of the plane with no empty squares left over. You can rotate or flip any Pentomino before placing it in the playing area.
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The Chaos Game
The Chaos Game makes use of the Sierpinski Triangle and some of the Chaos Theory behind the generation of fractals to present a challenging puzzle. There are four levels of difficulty provided.
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The Game of Life
The game of life uses biological growth patterns as well as mathematical patterning to create a simulation of the growth or death of a culture. There are several rules for survival, which you can mix and match. The object is to create a living system that is able to sustain itself.
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Hex-7 is a strategy game that requires players to build a path across a playing surface made up of hexagons. You play against the computer and have the choice of first or second move. The game is offered at novice and advanced levels.
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Hare and Hounds
Hare and Hounds is a strategy game popular in 19th century France among military officers. You can select hare or hounds. The hare must elude the hounds and escape. The hounds must trap the hare so that it cannot move. The game is offered at beginner and advanced levels.
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Sliding Tiles
Sliding Tiles is a version of the classic game played with 16 spaces, one of which is empty. You must slide the remaining tiles, using the empty space, to reassemble a picture. This version allows you to slide more than one tile at a time.
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Geometry: Hidden Picture
This is a Concentration-style game. You must correctly identify geometric terms to reveal pieces of a hidden picture. Several pictures are available.
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Scaling Jigsaw
This is a variant on the electronic jigsaw puzzle in that you need to "scale" each piece, making it larger or smaller, by one of six available factors, before you can add it to the puzzle. To make things trickier, you have only a limited amount of time to determine the correct scale for each piece.
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Rubik's Cube
The Rubik's Cube applet allows you to manipulate a Rubik's Cube in three dimensions. The applet will randomly scramble the cube for you.
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Gomoku is a version of Tic Tac Toe that is played on an infinite game space and requires the winner to get five spheres in a row. You play against the computer. The game board is resizeable.
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Sudoku is a classic numbers game that requires you to complete a puzzle based on the integers 1 to 9. Once you have mastered the Easy level, you can proceed through Medium and Hard to Evil levels.
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