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Census at School
Census at School, which is hosted by Statistics Canada, is an international classroom project for students aged 8 to 18. It offers data about a variety of interesting topics developed from a survey of students conducted by Statistics Canada in 2005 and 2006. Complete a brief online survey, analyze your class results, and compare yourselves with students in Canada and other countries.
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Ratio and Proportion
Need help with ratio, proportion, and rate? This site offers explanations and worked examples, including converting rates and average rate of speed.
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Generating Pythagorean Triples
This site applies a simple formula and lists the first few triples for m and n between 1 and 10. It asks you to note any patterns.
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Mrs. Glosser’s Math GoodiesTM: Percent
Need some practice with percents? This site reviews the meaning of percent, provides worked examples, and then allows you to test your skills with an interactive quiz.
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Geometry Step-by-Step From the Land of the Incas
This site offers geometry problems, proofs, quizzes, puzzles, illustrations, and historical references from South American Inca culture, including Cuzco, Machu Picchu, the Nazca Lines, the Quipu, Caral, and an Incan city on Mars.
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Utilizing Mathematics and Science in Agriculture
This site offers downloadable problems that connect mathematics with agriculture. You will find useful ideas for projects and presentations.
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Pattern Blocks: Exploring Fractions With Shapes
This site features an interactive applet using pattern blocks to investigate fractions and fractional relationships. Instructions can be read online or printed.
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FunBrain Line Jumper
Practise adding and subtracting integers using a number line. This site includes problems at five different levels from easy to super brain. Immediate feedback is provided for each question.
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Mathlets: Graphing Functions
This interactive site allows you to practise graphing up to five relations simultaneously. Graphs and linear relations are colour-coded to make comparisons easy.
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Equation Match
The game Equation Match requires you to find matching pairs of equations by solving for x in each equation. As each pair is correctly matched, a hidden picture is gradually revealed. The game has three levels of difficulty.
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Interactivate: Experimental Probability
This interactive site allows you to experiment with various random number generators, such as spinners and number cubes, and tally results. You can even generate your own number cubes to use in simulations.
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Interactive Transformations
This site includes interactive applets that allow you to explore translations, rotations, reflections, translations, and combinations of these transformations. Also included are interactive problems and explanations.
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Investigating Tessellations Using Activity Pattern Blocks
This site offers activities and applets for investigating tessellations using pattern blocks. Tutorials, activities, and information on tessellations and tiling are included.
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Others (Not Sorted by Chapters)

British Columbia Ministry of Education
The British Columbia Ministry of Education site provides information about programs and services for students in British Columbia.
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Alberta Education
The Alberta Education site provides information about programs and services for students in Alberta.
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Government of Saskatchewan Education
The Saskatchewan Ministry of Education site provides information about education in Saskatchewan.
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Manitoba Education, Citizenship, and Youth
The Manitoba Department of Education site provides information about education for kindergarten to grade 12 in Manitoba.
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Yukon Education
The Yukon Department of Education site provides information about education in the Yukon.
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Northwest Territories Education, Culture and Employment
The Northwest Territories Department of Education, Culture and Employment site provides information about education for kindergarten to grade 12 in the Northwest Territories.
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Nunavut Department of Education
The Nunavut Department of Education site provides information about the educational system in Nunavut.
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Math Central
This site provides resources for students including a glossary, a question-and-answer forum, information about different careers in mathematics, and a mathematical problem of the month.
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On-line Mathematics Dictionary
The mathematics dictionary provides definitions of mathematical terms. Although it is a work in progress, there are many definitions arranged alphabetically, with hyperlinks for each letter of the alphabet.
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Mathematics Glossary
This site offers a glossary of mathematical terms organized by grade level. You can also access interactive applets geared to your mathematics program.
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The Math Forum @ Drexel
This site from Drexel University (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) provides mathematical resources, including discussion groups, problems of the week, innovations, and a popular Ask Dr. Math question-and-answer forum.
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Mudd Math Fun Facts
This site offers interesting mathematical facts. Each Math Fun Fact is a math puzzle or article about a mathematical idea. The facts are organized by topic (e.g., algebra, geometry, probability). A feature called Today’s Most Popular Fun Facts is also included.
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Mathematics Lessons that are fun! fun! fun!
This site offers mathematics lessons developed by Cynthia Lanius of Rice University (Houston, Texas). Try out some of the interactive applets, which are fun.
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Figure This! Math Challenges for Families
This National Council of Teachers of Mathematics site offers many interesting mathematical challenges. You can select challenges by title by clicking on Challenge Index, or by topic by clicking on Math Index.
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Coolmath 4
This site includes interactive math lessons, problems, a math dictionary, and games, puzzles, and other interesting activities. Note that this site is commercially sponsored, and therefore includes advertising banners.
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Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
This site includes interactive applets for games and puzzles. Click on Math Games and Puzzles.
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Indexes of Biographies
This site offers biographies including visuals of famous mathematicians. There is a link to female mathematicians. Also available are birthplace maps, timelines, and a feature called Mathematicians of the day, for any date.
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Mathematicians of the African Diaspora
This site highlights Black mathematicians from Africa, North America, Asia, and Europe.
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Mathematics Advancements by Muslims
This site highlights Muslim mathematicians.
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Index of Ancient Indian Mathematics
This site highlights ancient East Indian mathematicians.
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History of Mathematics: Mathematics in China
This site highlights the history of Chinese mathematics and Chinese mathematicians.
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Mensa Canada Society
The Mensa Canada Society is the Canadian branch of an international high-IQ society. The site offers a puzzle of the month that is often mathematically-based, questions that use interesting patterns, and links to Mensa branches in other countries.
( ) Homework Help
Need some help with your homework? This site offers lessons, worked examples, interactive practice problems, and quizzes organized by topic (e.g., pre-algebra, algebra, geometry). Click on a subtopic of your choice.
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Fermi Questions
This site in cooperation with the Math Forum provides Fermi questions, which stress estimation, numerical reasoning, and communicating in mathematics. Fermi questions encourage multiple approaches to solving problems. This site includes a biography of Enrico Fermi and a library of Fermi questions with solutions and a list of other Fermi questions.
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Career Profiles
The Mathematical Association of America site provides links to career profiles of people who use mathematics in their job every day. Included are short biographies, educational qualifications, and practical applications of mathematics.
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National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
This site offers a multitude of virtual manipulatives that are easy to use and interactive. The index allows you to select a topic (e.g., number and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, probability) at your grade level and then choose from a list of virtual manipulatives.
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Math is Fun
This site includes games, puzzles, quizzes, worksheets, and a variety of other math-related activities.
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The Math Guide contains several resources for students, including a virtual scientific and graphing calculator, project ideas, and math puzzles.
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Mathematics for Students and Teachers
The Canadian Mathematical Society site offers links to student resources on math–related topics.
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Welcome to Mathematrix
The Mathematrix site explores mathematical recreation, drawing from less well known areas of mathematics (e.g., polyominoes, Rubik’s cube, tangrams, Mobius strip).
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How Many? A Dictionary of Units of Measurement
If you need information about a specific unit of measurement or unit conversion, visit this site. The site includes information about the international system (SI), the metric system, the English customary system, and relatively unknown measurement systems.
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