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MegaStat version 10.1 for Excel 2007
If you are using a Student CD-ROM for McGraw-Hill/Irwin Business Statistics text(s) and you have installed MegaStat for Excel version 9, 10.0, or 11.0, and you have Excel 2007 and/or Vista on your computer, you can click below to download an automatic upgrade. This upgrade patch will update your version of MegaStat to be compatible with Excel 2007. Please see note(s) below.
MegaStatExcel2007Installer.exe (1170.0K)

In Excel 2007, Add-ins are accessed using a different method than all previous versions of Excel. Click below for a brief document describing that process for your reference.

GettingStartedXL07update.doc (264.0K)

Note for VISTA users: The help files in MegaStat version 10.1 may not work. The early version(s) of Vista did not accept the help file format. If that is the case, click the link below for instructions to a patch from Microsoft.

1. Go to:
2. In the "Search" box, type winhelp and click "Go."
3. You will see a search result: WinHlp32.exe for Windows Vista.
4. Click the link.
5. Click "Continue."
6. Click "Download files below."
7. Click the "Download" button for Windows6.0-KB917607-x86.msu.
8. Click "Open" and respond to the dialog boxes to allow the update to proceed.

MegaStat Getting Started (2599.0K)
MegaStat Test Data (23.0K)

MegaStat Getting Started (2599.0K)
MegaStat Test Data (23.0K)

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