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Multiple Choice Quiz
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A study of marketing can __________.
A)enable you to be a more informed citizen
B)help you in your career
C)demonstrate how marketing affects your life
D)make you a better consumer
E)do all of the above
__________ is the activity for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that benefit the organization, its stakeholders and society at large.
A)Creative planning
Which of the following statements about small business is most true?
A)It is impossible to pursue a marketing career in a small business
B)Small businesses are the source of the majority of new jobs in Asia.
C)Less than half of small businesses fail within the first five years of their launch
D)Small business offers the owner a steady and stable source of income with little risk
E)All of the above are true
Marketing seeks to discover the needs and wants of prospective customers and satisfy them. Essential to this process is the idea of exchange. To marketing people exchange refers to the __________.
A)place where people go to do business
B)place where people return unwanted goods
C)trade of things of value between buyer and seller so that each is better off after the trade
D)process of locating buyers and sellers
E)acquisition of something of value
The Malaysian Red Cross created a series of advertisements encouraging viewers to donate blood. After viewing the advertisement, Amanda went to the local Red Cross office and donated a pint of blood. Afterwards, Amanda returned home feeling satisfied that she had performed a good deed. Was this a marketing exchange?
A)No, because the Red Cross is non-profit organization
B)Yes, because the Red Cross ran an advertisement
C)Yes, because the donated blood was exchanged for a feeling of satisfaction
D)No, because no money was exchanged
E)No, because the Red Cross did not provide Amanda with a product
Which of the following statements about marketing departments is true?
A)It is the responsibility of the marketing department to facilitate relationships with the organization's customers
B)It is the responsibility of the marketing department to create partnerships with the organization's suppliers
C)The marketing department must work closely with a network of other departments and employees to help provide the customer-satisfying products required for the organization to survive and prosper
D)The marketing department is responsible for establishing alliances with the organization's shareholders and other organizations
E)All of the above statements about marketing departments are true
Your neighbor is tired of conventional soft drinks and wants something different. Coincidentally, Cadbury Beverages, Inc. has begun distributing Country Time lemonade through the supermarket at a price comparable to that of soft drinks. Which of the conditions needed for marketing to occur is described in this situation?
A)The creation of unrealized needs
B)Two parties with unsatisfied needs
C)One-way communication
D)A physical location for an exchange to take place
E)Time and place utility
The Hotel Westin in Singapore is next to Raffles City, a vast shopping mall. The hotel wants to market its location and many other amenities to convention-goers from other states. What requirements will be needed for marketing to occur?
A)A way to communicate with convention attendees
B)Something to exchange
C)Two or more parties with unsatisfied needs
D)Desire and ability to satisfy unmet needs
E)All of the above
Which of the following statements best defines needs and wants?
A)Needs occur when a person feels physiologically deprived of something and, wants are determined by a person's knowledge, culture or, personality
B)Wants are a subset of needs
C)Wants occur when a person feels physiologically deprived of something and needs are determined by a person's knowledge, culture or, personality
D)Needs affect marketing, but wants do not
E)By definition, wants are more socially responsible than needs
Cara has had her current cell phone for 1 year. She saw the iPhone and decided it was perfect for her. The ads she read in magazines and saw on TV pointed out the terrific advantages of the iPhone over her current phone. Based on this information Cara most likely has a(n) __________ for the iPhone.
Which of the following groups would be the most likely target market for the Toyota Highlander fuel hybrid SUV?
A)Young single people
B)People concerned with fuel efficiency
C)People who want to drive SUVs
D)People who want to drive fuel-efficient SUVs
The factors under a marketing manager's control—price, product, promotion and, place—are called __________.
A)environmental factors
B)the marketing program
C)the marketing mix
D)the marketing concept
E)the four utilities
Which element of the marketing mix is demonstrated when the Mars Company has a sale on M&Ms® brand candies?
Customer value emphasizes which of the following?
D)Service (before-sale and after-sale)
E)All of the above
Which of the following acts as a barrier to the development of relationship marketing?
A)The large number of one-to-one relationships customers are asked to sustain
B)The large number of products on the market
C)The increasing number of retail stores that are closing
D)The changing regulatory environment
E)Diluted cultural diversity
Which of the following statements is the primary reason that explains why Japanese and Asian businesses moved from the production era to the sales era?
A)The population was moving away from urban areas
B)There were too many customers to serve
C)Competition grew and the production of goods increased
D)Advertising was becoming a major marketing force
E)Technology was in a dormant stage
The __________ is the idea that an organization should (1) strive to satisfy the needs of consumers (2) while also trying to achieve the organization's goals.
A)concept of synergy
B)marketing concept
C)principle of consumerism
D)societal marketing concept
E)consumer-organizational concept
Many companies subscribe to being "green" because they feel that this is valued by the consumer. Yet often in these same firms office computers are left on 24 hours a day, office paper is not recycled and, employees are not encouraged to take public transportation to work. This example indicates it is not always easy for firms to act in accordance with the __________.
A)marketing concept
B)marketing mix
C)organizational strategy
D)environmental strategy
E)green strategy
Which of the following statements best distinguishes between macromarketing and micromarketing?
A)Macromarketing uses a marketing program and, micromarketing does not
B)Macromarketing is affected by environmental factors, but micromarketing is not
C)Micromarketing is affected by environmental factors, but macromarketing is not
D)Macromarketing looks at the flow of an entire nation's goods and services and, micromarketing concerns itself with the marketing activities of an individual organization
E)Micromarketing looks at the flow of an entire nation's goods and services and, macromarketing concerns the marketing activities of an individual organization
Which of the following is an example of an ultimate consumer?
A)A newspaper reporter who buys a plane ticket to Washington, DC, to cover the presidential inauguration
B)A school teacher who bought a ticket to the 2002 Winter Olympics opening ceremonies in Salt Lake City
C)An office receptionist who renews the magazines that are found in the office waiting room
D)A retailer who buys poster board to make signs for an upcoming store sale
E)A landscaping firm employee who buys a new wheelbarrow to use to haul mulch at a new job site

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