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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Companies can make use of Internet technology to create customer value, _________, and produce customer experiences in novel ways
A)connect with its customers
B)enable customers to get deeply involved in the process of building the product
C)allow customers to track the production of their products
D)improve the customer experience
E)build customer relationships
The key to success in the marketspace depends on a company's __________.
A)transactional abilities
B)ability to capitalize on the value-creation capabilities of Internet technology
D)non-Internet promotional abilities
E)marketing ability
Airline, car rental and lodging electronic reservation systems such as Orbitz allow comparison shopping for the lowest fares, rents and rates and almost immediate access to and confirmation of travel arrangements and accommodations. This shows how electronic commerce contributes to customer value through the creation of __________.
A)service utility
B)place utility
C)possession utility
D)form utility
E)all the above
Nike is a recognized innovator in the use of __________ for creating interactivity, individuality and customer relationships. Its Nike iD Customized Product configurator invites customers to create one-of-a-kind shoes, messenger bags and backpacks by simply answering a few questions and viewing the finished product from numerous angles.
A)seller menus
B)seller cookies
C)content screens
E)collaborative filtering
Which of the following statements is true of the Asian online shoppers?
A)In the Asia Pacific, the average number of purchases made by online shoppers from countries like Singapore, Taiwan, and China is five purchases per month
B)There are billions of online shoppers globally, and South Korea claims the top spot
C)There are billions of online shoppers globally, and Japan takes third spot
D)Even though online shopping and buying is growing in popularity, a small percentage of online consumers still account for a disproportionate share of online retail sales in Asia
E)All of the above statements are true
Which of the following is NOT one of the six distinct online consumer lifestyle segments?
D)Hooked, online and single
E)Time-sensitive materialists
Which online consumer lifestyle segment is most likely to visit auction websites?
C)brand loyalists
D)hooked, online and single
E)time-sensitive materialists
The online consumer lifestyle segment called ebivalent newbies __________.
A)are women who do their actual purchasing at traditional retail stores
B)rarely spend money online and use the Internet as an information source
C)regularly visit their favorite bookmarked websites and spend the most money online
D)regard the Internet as a convenient tool for buying music, books and computer software
E)consist of young, affluent single consumers who spend more time online than any other segment
Auto and homeowners insurance are particularly well suited for electronic commerce because these services __________.
A)require pre-purchase trial
B)are highly standardized and use price competition
C)are purchased on the basis of attributes other than price
D)require one-to-one selling
E)require video or audio demonstration
Which of the following product categories is particularly well suited for electronic commerce?
A)Computers and computer accessories
B)CDs, videos and books
C)Travel reservations
D)Clothing and accessories
E)All the above
Which of the following characteristics of online shopping contributes to its convenience?
A)Customers don't have to fight traffic, find a parking space, walk long aisles or stand in store check-out lines
B)Consumers can avail themselves of numerous websites for almost any product or service they want
C)Consumers who prefer one-of-a-kind items that fit their specific needs can create them online
D)Consumers can engage in an electronic dialogue with marketers
E)Consumers are in charge in the marketspace
Megan is looking for a gift for her older brother who enjoys reading mysteries. A book by one of his favorite authors was recently published and she plans to buy it. However, she is on a limited budget so wants to find the lowest price. The most convenient way for Megan to find the best price for the book would be to __________.
A)drive to a large shopping center where there are several bookstores to see which one has the book at the lowest price
B)call all the bookstores in her community to inquire about the price of the book at each one
C)use a bot to comb the websites of online booksellers and locate the website with the best price
D)use a cookie to contact various bookstores and find the one with the best price
E)do none of the above
Choice, a reason customers shop and buy online, has two dimensions. They are __________.
A)availability and price
B)speed and availability
C)product or service selection and speed
D)product or service selection and choice assistance
E)choice assistance and speed
The relationship between the interactive communication capabilities of the Internet and customization is that __________.
A)a highly interactive and individualized information and exchange environment is created for shoppers and buyers
B)it helps customers reduce their search costs and more conveniently find the offerings with the desired features
C)it protects online consumer privacy about the customized products and services they desire
D)it records a user's visits to websites which enhances online consumers' convenience
E)there is no relationship
Which of the following statements about spam is true?
A)Online services in some states can legally prevent spammers from spamming their subscribers
B)Spam is defined as unsolicited e-mail
C)Several Asian countries have anti-spamming laws and in Singapore, the Spam Control Bill was passed in 2007
D)Under the new bill, companies carrying out marketing campaigns via e-mail and SMS messages must tag these messages with “<ADV>” and those that fail to comply can be sued by consumers
E)All of the above statements about spam are true
When MSN Hotmail includes its tagline, "Get your Private, Free Email from MSN Hotmail", on each of the millions of emails it processes daily, it is using __________.
A)opt-out marketing
C)viral marketing
D)niche marketing
E)permission marketing
Multichannel marketing __________.
A)seeks to integrate a firm's communication and distribution channels
B)can be used to leverage the value-added capabilities of different channels
C)allow firms to build relationships with cross-channel shoppers
D)allows cross-channel shoppers to browse one or more websites and then purchase an item at a retail store
E)is accurately described by all of the above
The principal difference between the two major types of websites is that promotional websites are designed to __________ while transactional websites are designed to __________.
A)promote a company's products and services; convert online browsers into online buyers
B)convert online browsers into online buyers; promote a company's products and services
C)provide information about a company; move consumers closer to a purchase
D)move consumers closer to a purchase; provide information about a company
E)create portals; act as bots
Transactional websites are used less frequently by manufacturers of consumer products because __________.
A)in some industries, this form of vertical integration is illegal
B)there is a threat of channel conflict
C)it is difficult to maintain a product development strategy
D)some stakeholders are opposed to websites that drain resources without providing any direct return on investment
E)such websites require dynamic pricing, which is difficult to use if supply and demand change frequently
________ sites can be effective in generating interest in and trial of a company’s products and services. Many Toyota customers visit its website to check on its different models of cars before visiting a dealer or showroom to obtain more information and to place their orders.
A)Viral marketing
B)Permission marketing
E)Dual distribution

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