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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Singha Corporation carried out a market research using focus group to __________.
A)find out the market share of Singha in Thailand
B)determine the effect of price of beers on consumers
C)measure the effect of their advertising
D)understand the attributes of beer brands
E)all of the above are reasons for the market research
Marketing research shows that brand choice for beers is influenced mostly by __________.
A)beer advertising
B)social situation
C)family and peers
D)taste and quality of beer
The process of defining a marketing problem and opportunity, systematically collecting and analyzing information and recommending actions is called __________.
A)market decision analysis
B)statistical analysis
C)marketing research
D)SWOT analysis
E)concept testing
Grape-Nuts was one of the first cereals Post Cereal Company ever marketed. It scores well in brand-awareness, but recently its sales have been steadily declining. Rather than assume the product was a dog, the Grape-Nuts marketing manager decided Post Cereal Company should first __________.
A)hire a consultant
B)engage in marketing research
C)spend more dollars on advertising
D)hire more salespeople
E)develop new cereals
Which of the following is NOT a step in the decision-making (or problem-solving) process?
A)Collect relevant information
B)Identify market research methods
C)Take marketing actions
D)Develop the research plan
E)Define the problem
Several years ago, SwissAir made some unwise investments to pay for a planned expansion. As a result, the company had to make some cost-cutting moves that alienated its customers. Eventually the company declared bankruptcy, regrouped and found itself able to resume business. Its board of directors recently announced that the company would resume flying if it could prove that the airlines could regain at least 75 percent of its lost customers. It decided to allot $50,000 to determine the probability that its former customers would fly on the airline again and what methods requiring little or no money could be used to increase that probability. This description represents which stage in the marketing research approach?
A)Define the problem
B)Develop the research plan
C)Collect relevant information
D)Develop findings
E)Take marketing actions
Which of the following is a typical marketing research objective?
A)Determine how to increase sales revenue for Diet Coke by 10 percent within a year
B)Discover whether consumers that buy Pampers are aware of gender-specific disposables
C)Find out why the new line of plus-size clothing is not selling well
D)Determine whether to offer a new & improved version of an existing product
E)All of the above are typical marketing research objectives
A picture or verbal description of a product or service a firm might offer for sale is known as a(n) __________.
C)new-product concept
Secondary data are the __________.
A)facts and figures that are newly collected for the project at hand
B)facts and figures obtained by watching people mechanically rather than in person
C)facts and figures obtained by asking people questions
D)facts and figures that have already been recorded before the project
E)conclusions developed from information obtained from a representative sample of a population
According to research conducted by Canadian cultural anthropologists, Canadians place a high importance on personal relationships. This leads them to be extremely reluctant to buy through an impersonal medium like a telephone. For an insurance company that was hoping to sell insurance through telemarketers, this research would be an example of __________.
A)an objective
B)external secondary data
C)an assumption
D)internal data
E)a dependent variable
Which of the following statements about on-line databases is true?
A)On-line databases can be accessed via the Internet
B)Information in on-line databases is divided into two categories: (1) indexes to articles and (2) statistical and financial data
C)Some on-line databases are restricted to users who have paid a subscription fee
D)Online databases can be accessed directly or via Internet search engines
E)All of the above statements about on-line databases are true
A general rule of thumb among marketing researchers is to use __________ first and then collect _________.
A)external secondary data, internal secondary data
B)internal primary data, external primary data
C)primary data, secondary data
D)secondary data, primary data
E)primary data, external secondary data
The steps of Nielsen's TAM process includes __________.
A)installing the people meter in the homes of selected panel members
B)allowing clients to generate customized information for themselves
C)conducting large-scale face-to-face interviews to define the characteristics of the population in order to draw the panel
D)associating audience data with specific television programs to compute the “rating and “viewers” of each program
E)all of the above
Best Western International, Inc., a national hotel chain, paid couples to videotape themselves as they spent three to seven days on a cross-country trip. From this, Best Western found that women usually decide when to pull off the road and where to stay. These couples were encountering the hotel rooms in a "natural use environment" and so providing __________ research to Best Western.
A survey asked the question "Have you used toothpaste in the last twelve months? _____ Yes _____ No" The results of this question show that 92.6 percent of the people in New York City have used toothpaste in the last twelve months and 87.2 percent of people in Los Angeles have used toothpaste during the same period. This information was gathered by using which type of question?
E)Likert scale
When conducting marketing experiments, the dependent variable can often describe any of the following EXCEPT __________.
A)actual purchase behavior
B)preferences in taste tests
C)attitudes highly correlated to actual purchase behavior
D)marketing mix variables
E)behavioral intentions
The marketing manager at Popular Electronics must determine a price for a new model of portable CD player. He will use the company's information system to determine how the manufacturer's suggested retail price might affect total sales revenues. This type of analysis is called __________.
A)database management
B)database training
C)sensitivity training
D)sensitivity analysis
E)financial analysis
Once a marketer researcher has defined the problem, developed the research plan and collected the relevant information, what needs to be done next?
A)Set budgets
B)Determine target market
C)Select segmentation strategy
D)Analyze data and present findings
E)Determine if there is a planning gap between desired findings and actual findings
The raw data that Ford Consulting Group (FGC) sort and compile on a daily basis from sources such as ACNielsen's ScanTrack and Information Resources' InfoScan come from __________.
A)observational research
B)grocery store scanner data
C)statistical inferences
D)multiple-source data
E)experiential research
__________ is the term that describes the extraction of hidden predictive information from large databases.
A)Fact disclosure
B)Information extraction
C)Variable analysis
D)Database management
E)Data mining

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