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MegaStat Software
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Click the link below to download the MegaStat (version 10.4) software. There is both a Windows and Mac version available for download, and the required files are packaged as a ZIP file. After saving the file to your hard drive, decompress it using one of the many utility applications available for both Windows and Macintosh computers. MegaStat works with Windows versions of Excel 2016, 2013, and 2010. There are also Apple Mac versions for Mac Excel 2016 and 2011. Check out the User Guides, and FAQ documents for either PC or MAC for more information.

Please note the free Adobe Reader is required to view the resources below.

To access MegaStat please type in the first word of Learning Objective 3 (LO3) in Chapter 3, in the LO summary at the beginning of the chapter, as the Username and Password.

Windows (PC):
MegaStat Software Download (PC)

MegaStat Software Installation Instructions (PC)

MegaStat Software User Guide (PC)

MegaStat Software FAQ (PC)
OS X (Mac):
MegaStat Software Download 2011 (MAC)

MegaStat Software Download 2016 (MAC)

MegaStat Software Installation Instructions 2011 (MAC)

MegaStat Software Installation Instructions 2016 (MAC)

MegaStat Software User Guide (MAC)

MegaStat Software FAQ (MAC)

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