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Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment

Lawrence Tierney
Stephen McPhee
Maxine Papadakis

ISBN: 0071395938
Copyright year: 2003

Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 2004
Author(s): Lawrence Tierney, Stephen McPhee, Maxine Papadakis
ISBN: 0071417435
Format: Softcover, 55 illus. , 1818 pages.
Pub date: October 24, 2003
Copyright: 2004
Price: $59.95 US

The leading annually updated general medical text! CMDT 2004 is the most comprehensive, reliable, and timely reference available to answer common questions in everyday clinical practice. Written in a concise, easy-to-read style, the text covers all aspects of outpatient and inpatient care as well as authoritative descriptions of new developments in medicine. It includes information on over 1,000 diseases and disorders with an emphasis on prevention and cost-effective treatments. CMDT 2004 also features updated information on drug dosages and updated therapeutic options in HIV, including an approach to multi-drug antiretroviral therapies.