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Self-Assessment Quiz
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Staci’s network runs both CAT 6 and CAT 5e cabling. All horizontal runs plug into her 100BaseT switch. If she upgrades the switch and the NICs in all systems to 1000BaseT, what will she need to consider with the cabling?
A)Nothing, it will work perfectly.
B)The CAT 5e won’t work with 1000BaseT.
C)You’ll get an impedance mismatch with two different cable types.
D)She should force all the 1000BaseT ports to half duplex if they connect to a CAT 5e cable.

What switch is added to the ping command to prevent the system from fragmenting packets?

The first step in designing a new SOHO network is to
A)Define a list of requirements.
B)Determine the type of ISP you will use.
C)Check the existing cable.
D)Determine what security you need.

Harley is mapping out the cable runs for her new office space and realizes that the cable run to the new warehouse will be close to 200 meters. The warehouse PC works very hard, pushing over 500 Mbps on the existing network. She already has a nice equipment room and wants to avoid moving any switches. Which of the following is the best solution for setting up one PC in the warehouse on the same broadcast domain as all the other computers?
A)Run multimode fiber to the warehouse.
B)Give the warehouse its own Internet connection and run a VPN.
C)Run a 1000BaseT horizontal run to the warehouse.
D)Use an 802.11g wireless connection.

Steve is helping a local county prosecutor set up a network. The prosecutors must give defense attorneys access to any electronic evidence in a case. The evidence is stored on an evidence server that police and prosecutors access continually during the day. Which of the following solutions could Steve implement to give defense attorneys the best access to data stored on a single server yet still best protect the rest of the network from potential threats from the single RJ-45 connection provided to the attorneys?
A)Put all evidence on Blu-ray Discs.
B)Keep the evidence server disconnected from the rest of the network.
C)Give every defense attorney his or her own account on the prosecutor’s domain.
D)Use a VLAN to separate the defense attorney’s connection from the rest of the network, implementing an aggressive firewall between VLANs.

Donna has paid $150/drop to have four new CAT 6 horizontal runs installed. The installer should provide a floor plan and what documentation for each run?
A)Length, labeling, and CAT rating
B)Length, impedance, and TIA/EIA 568 information
C)Length, near-end crosstalk, and CAT rating
D)Length and CAT rating

Gary has installed a new laser printer. He wants everyone on the wired network to be able to print to the new printer but he doesn’t want anyone on the wireless network to print to the printer. Which of the following would best accomplish this?
A)Put the wireless clients on a separate VLAN.
B)Put the printer on the wireless network and use wireless isolation.
C)Install the laser printer on a wired computer and do a Windows share.
D)Printers can’t be shared over wireless networks.

What Cisco device is used to add ports to a Cisco product?

Which of the following is a dedicated computer that’s preconfigured to offer file storage for many types of client computers?
A)Active Directory

What type of electrical setup is ideal for a network closet?
A)Circuits shared with no more than two other locations
B)Dedicated circuit
C)High-voltage circuit
D)Any circuit will do.

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