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Small Cover
Economics, 6/e
Stephen L. Slavin

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Chapter 1: A Brief Economic History Of The United States
Chapter 2: Resource Utilization
Chapter 3: Supply And Demand
Chapter 4: The Mixed Economy
Chapter 5: The Household-Consumption Sector
Chapter 6: The Business-Investment Sector
Chapter 7: The Government Sector
Chapter 8: The Export-Import Sector
Chapter 9: Gross Domestic Product
Chapter 10: Economic Fluctuations, Unemployment, And Inflation
Chapter 11: Classical And Keynesian Economics
Chapter 12: Fiscal Policy And The National Debt
Chapter 13: Money And Banking
Chapter 14: The Federal Reserve And Monetary Policy
Chapter 15: Twentieth-Century Economic Theory
Chapter 16: Economic Growth And Productivity
Chapter 17: Demand, Supply And Equilibrium
Chapter 18: The Elasticities Of Demand And Supply
Chapter 19: Theory Of Consumer Behavior
Chapter 20: Cost
Chapter 21: Profit Maximization
Chapter 22: Perfect Competition
Chapter 23: Monopoly
Chapter 24: Monopolistic Competition
Chapter 25: Oligopoly
Chapter 26: Corporate Mergers And Antitrust
Chapter 27: Demand In The Factor Market
Chapter 28: Labor
Chapter 29: Labor Markets And Wage Rates
Chapter 30: Rent, Interest, And Profit
Chapter 31: Income Distribution And Poverty
Chapter 32: International Trade
Chapter 33: International Finance