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Child Development Book Cover
Child Development: A Topical Approach
Diane E. Papalia
Dana L. Gross, St. Olaf’s College
Ruth Duskin Feldman

Foundations of Development
Prenatal Development and Birth

Guideposts for Study


1. What are the three stages of prenatal development, and what happens during each stage?

2. What can fetuses do?

3. What environmental influences can affect prenatal development?

4. What techniques can assess a fetus's health and well-being, and what is the importance of prenatal care?

5. How does labor begin, and what happens during each of the four stages of childbirth?

6. What alternative methods and settings of delivery are available today?

7. How do newborn infants adjust to life outside the womb?

8. How can we tell whether a new baby is healthy and is developing normally?

9. What complications of childbirth can endanger newborn babies, and what can be done to increase the chances of a positive outcome?