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Experiencing Social Psychology, 4/e
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Pines/Maslach: Experiencing Social Psychology 4/e
Useful Internet links:

The Social Psychology Network
The largest social psychology database on the Internet. In these pages, you'll find more than 5,000 links to psychology-related resources.

Author Christina Maslach’s personal profile on the Social Psychology Network:

Society for Personality and Social Psychology
The home page of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. With over 3,000 members, the Society is the largest organization of social and personality psychologists in the world.

The American Psychological Association
APA article:
APA Social Dilemma: Individual Gain or Common Good

Altruism/egocentrism test
This test will evaluate whether you are too self-centered or capable of putting yourself in other people's shoes.

Social Psychology Quarterly
Social Psychology Quarterly publishes theoretical and empirical papers on the link between individual and society. This includes the study of the relations of individuals to one another, to groups, collectivities and institutions.

Since its debut just over a year ago, this SPN partner >site has received more than 1,700,000 page views. >Co-designed with Philip Zimbardo (who was recently >elected APA President), the site contains archival >audiovisual material and is a favorite of students.>

This SPN partner site was added last summer and offers >a good example of how social psychology can be used >to address critical social problems. Co-designed with >Elliot Aronson, the site includes extensive information >and links on school violence and prejudice reduction.

Joe Chemo is a parody of the "Joe Camel" character and uses social psychological techniques to discourage smoking. The site was just released this week and is the newest partner site to join SPN. Visitors to the site can test their "Tobacco IQ," get their personalized "Smoke-o-Scope," or send a free Joe Chemo E-Card to someone they care about. The site can also be used to teach about persuasion. For a sample student exercise, see: