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Introduction to Languages and the Theory of Computation, 3/e
John Martin, North Dakota State University

Introduction to Languages and the Theory of Computation is an introduction to the theory of computation that emphasizes formal languages, automata and abstract models of computation, and computability; it also includes an introduction to computational complexity and NP-completeness. Through the study of these topics, students encounter profound computational questions and are introduced to topics that will have an ongoing impact in computer science. Once students have seen some of the many diverse technologies contributing to computer science, they can also begin to appreciate the field as a coherent discipline.

A distinctive feature of this text is its gentle and gradual introduction of the necessary mathematical tools in the context in which they are used. Martin takes advantage of the clarity and precision of mathematical language but also provides discussion and examples that make the language intelligible to those just learning to read and speak it. The material is designed to be accessible to students who do not have a strong background in discrete mathematics, but it is also appropriate for students who have had some exposure to discrete math but whose skills in this area need to be consolidated and sharpened.

As in past editions, this new edition of Martin contains a wealth of material characterized by extremely detailed explanations and organized for maximum accessibility. Instructors will have no trouble finding plenty of exercises to fit their needs. A substantial collection of basic exercises designed to allow students to work with fundamental ideas is complemented by many very interesting harder problems which deal with theoretically important extensions of the text. Throughout, the emphasis is on presenting key concepts without losing the connection to real-life computer science applications. one-stop online shop for all McGraw-Hill Engineering & Computer Science books, supplemental materials, content & resources! For the student, the professor and the professional, this site houses it all for your Engineering and CS needs.