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School and Society Book Cover
School and Society: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, 4/e
Stephen E. Tozer, The University of Illinois, Chicago
Paul C. Violas
Guy Senese, Northern Arizona University

School as a Public Institution: The Common-School Era


Early Common School Era
1808Elizabeth Seton establishes a school for girls in Baltimore
1821The first public high school in the United States is established
1826The first public high schools for girls open in New York and Boston
1828Work begins on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
1828The first western president, Andrew Jackson, is elected
1833Oberlin College in Ohio is founded, the first coeducational college in the United States
1829-1837Andrew Jackson is seventh president
1832Telegraph is developed
1833American Anti?Slavery Society is created
1836American Temperance Union is created
1837First permanent women's college in United States, Mount Holyoke, is founded
1837The State Board of Education is created in Massachusetts; Horace Mann is its first executive secretary
1838The first state normal school in the United States opens in Massachusetts
1838Mount Holyoke College, the first seminary for female teachers in the United States, is founded in South Hadley, MA by Mary Lyon; it opens the following year with 87 students
1840Blackboards are introduced, prompting educators to predict a revolution in education
1844Horace Mann describes the Prussian school system in his Seventh Annual Report
1846The "potato famine" begins in Ireland
1847Production of McCormick reapers begins
1848The first women's rights convention is held at Seneca Falls, New York
1852Massachusetts is first U.S. state to mandate compulsory school attendance
1852n North Carolina, the first state superintendent of schools is appointed in a southern state
1859Horace Mann dies
1859John Brown attempts to start slave insurrection at Harper's Ferry, West Virginia
1861Civil War begins
1867U.S. Office of Education is established
1870sTeachers in Massachusetts now majority female
1873First public school kindergarten is established in Missouri