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Interactions Access Writing, 4/e
Pamela Hartmann, Los Angeles Unified School District
James Mentel, Los Angeles Unified School District

The Human Brain

Narrator: This may look and sound like someone preparing to attack something. They are, but not what you think. This is a computer picture of a human brain and Dr. Paul Francel is getting ready to operate. His mission: to stop the tremors wracking Felton Previt's body. He has what's called essential tremors. The surgery is called deep brain stimulation.

Francel: The surgery that I do is unique in that it's really the only center in the world were we do so much extensive planning by computer.

Narrator: With a state of the art computer software Francel and his team helped develop, the surgery will take less time than in other hospitals. How much less?

Francel: The surgery I do upstairs will take about an hour and a half to 2 hours. The standard at around many centers around the world is 12 hours or more. We are the only center in the world that will do two patients in a day.

Narrator: The software tells Francel exactly were to put a small probe used to stop the tremors. His accuracy: an incredible 100 microns. That's the width of a single human hair. Most amazing of all, the patient is awake during the surgery. The brain feels no pain. Francel constantly checks with the computer to make sure his aim is true. And the result? Amazing.

Francel: Hold that right up there where you can see it. Can you see it there? That's great. OK, that's fantastic. You felt what it was like before. You can't believe it!

Narrator: Less than two hours ago, Previt couldn't hold the glass without shaking and spilling. Now he can.

Francel: What do you look forward to doing the most?

Previt: I can hold water and I can eat.

Francel: After today you can drink with a glass.