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Hirt/Block Cover
Fundamentals of Investment Management, 7/e
Geoffrey A. Hirt, DePaul University
Stanley B. Block, Texas Christian University

Sources of Investment Information

Exploring the Web

Website AddressComment Contains information on investing, news, and financial data— linked to Provides current information about markets and companies of news and current information Provides information about markets and companies Provides news, information, and real time quotes Provides information about investing, companies, and markets Contains information and opinion about markets and companies Provides search engine and business information Contains news and business information—requires fee
http://www.wsj.comWeb version of the newspaper—requires fee Website for the newspaper Financial Times Provides stock and bond information
http://www.forbes.comWebsite for the magazine—provides information and news on financial markets and business Provides general educational information about stocks, bonds, derivatives, and related topics
http://www.financialweb.comContains stock and market news and information Provides news and commentary on stocks and markets Lists links to various sources of stock information Provides stock analysis and educational information Shows five website links that provide economic information in various forms Maintained by Dr. Ed Yardeni, the chief economist at Deutsche Bank Alex Brown; features Financial Market Charts that the public can access for free St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank site, which includes FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data)—historical financial and economic data on the United States
http://www.sec.orgAllows searches for company filings
http://www.bigcharts.comCreates stock price charts